Roll out your community’s hospitality!

The Red Carpet Service program combines traditional customer service with the needs of travelers and tourists in your area. This fun, practical, research-based, 2.5-hour session is tailor-made for the staff and management teams of local communities’ attractions, convenience stores, service stations, restaurants, retails shops, lodging venues, and any location that interacts with customers.

The program gives participants an opportunity to understand the local economic benefits of travelers and tourists, and their role in creating a positive and welcoming first impression for all community residents.

What is it?

Red Carpet Service is an educational opportunity that helps front-line employees:

  • Identify traveler needs
  • Discover tools to support tourism
  • Appreciate hidden treasures
  • Build service skills

As a package, these aspects translate into a quality experience for both visitors and current residents.

How it Works

  • Sessions: 2.5 hours (can be offered twice per day)
  • Participants: Front-line staff and managers
  • Group size: 25-30 participants (recommended)
  • Fees: Initial training, $250 + cost of travel; repeat trainings, travel costs only
  • Instructors: Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educators

A local sponsoring organization(s) handles promotion, recruitment and other program implementation details. Partnering with another community is strongly encouraged.


  • Increased understanding of the contributions travelers and tourists make to the local economy
  • Renewed appreciation for the importance of front-line employees
  • Improved customer service skills (anticipating needs, giving directions, making recommendations, knowing where to find tourism information, etc.)
  • Increased knowledge of local attractions and hidden treasures

Program evaluations have showed a significant increase in the knowledge and ability to share information about (1) main attractions, (2) area hidden treasures, and (3) the location of additional tourist attractions.

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