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Latino Small Business Conference

July 23rd in Grand Island, July 30th in Omaha and August 6th in Norfolk.

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Community Engagement

We connect you to resources to engage community members, refine dreams into goals, and give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

Contact: Rex Nelson

People Attraction

We help strengthen your community’s welcoming culture to better recruit and retain newcomers, as people are what make a community thrive.

Contact: Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel

Community Development Leadership

We help your community leaders identify your local assets and support them in leveraging those assets for community betterment.

Contact: Jordan Grummert-Rasmussen

Community Economic Development

We tailor our work to your community aspirations, helping your businesses thrive to create long-term growth and improvement.

Contact: Marilyn Schlake

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We involve your community in creating quality places where people want to live, work, play, shop, learn and visit.

Contact: Kim Wilson

Regional Food Systems

We assist communities on becoming acquainted with and building better food systems for you and your neighbors.

Contact: Vanessa Wielenga

Rural Tools to Use

Rural Prosperity Nebraska brings to you tools you can use to inform citizens, plan projects and secure community grants to activate your local community or region. We collaborate with faculty members from across the University of Nebraska system to enhance rural scholarship and create service-learning opportunities for students interested in rural issues. In partnerships, we are building an entrepreneurial support system for rural and urban alike and opening doors for value-added ag producers seeking markets. You are to explore and use the tools to benefit you and your community.

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Rural Fellowship

Students living and working in communities to problem-solve issues.

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Thriving Index

Use this interactive comparison tool for analyzing regional trends in rural Nebraska.

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Rural Poll

Over 20 years of data captured from rural citizens on policy and quality of life issues.

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SourceLink Nebraska

Connects individuals to services and program to build Nebraska businesses.

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Market Maker

An online platform to connect value-added producers with customers and markets.

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