People Attraction

hispanic dancers participating in a local festival

As the People Attraction team, we help you position your community to recruit and retain newcomers.

We tailor our programs and resources to fit your aspirations and opportunities—from strengthening a community’s welcoming culture, to training for a service-centered community retailers and tourist locations, to enhancing community web presence. Your community is unique, and we want to help you showcase it.

How Communities Benefit

Each community is as unique as the individuals who live there. However, sometimes those unique assets are overlooked simply because of familiarity. Communities benefit from our programs by discovering what new residents look for as they relocate, bringing to light their positive qualities, and creating action plans to improve amenities and create a welcoming spirit that attracts potential newcomers.

Aerial shot of mural painting participants

People Attraction & Retention Team Members

Headshot of Maria Cantu Hines.
Maria Cantu Hines
RPN Extension Educator East Central Region
Headshot of Brandi Hilton-Hagemann.
Brandi Hilton-Hagemann
RPN Extension Educator Southwest Region
Headshot of Kristin Malek.
Kristin Malek
Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Jamie Bright
RPN Extension Educator West Region
Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel
RPN Extension Educator Statewide
Jason Tuller
RPN Extension Educator South Central Region
Marilyn Schlake
RPN Extension Educator Statewide
Jordan Grummert Rassmussen Portrait
Jordan Grummert Rasmussen
RPN Extension Educator North Central Region