How to Increase Your Happiness in 2023—Part 10

How to Increase Your Happiness in 2023—Part 10
March 31, 2023

In week 10 of “The Science of Well-Being,” we will recap the top practices you can use to increase your happiness. These recommendations should look familiar if you’ve been following along.

  1. Use your strengths in work and hobbies
  2. Practice gratitude either by sharing with others or simply journaling
  3. Take time to savor the taste, scent, sound, look and feel of daily pleasures
  4. Value your time
  5. Connect with other people
  6. Practice acts of kindness
  7. Sleep seven to eight hours each night
  8. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day
  9. Meditate or practice other forms of mindfulness

I recently listened to an episode of the “Happy Place” podcast where Dr. Julie, author of the book “Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?” was interviewed. She reminds us that though the basics are boring, they work! Her top 5 basic strategies for mental health are: sleep, healthy eating, exercise, a balanced routine, and social connection. The only one we haven’t discussed with the Science of Well-Being coursework is a balanced routine. She suggests that people need the predictability of routine to stay on track, though we also need occasional diversions from that routine to keep from getting bored with our lives. Try to simplify your life with an easy daily routine, but make sure to mix in some fun extra activities as well.

Thank you for joining me as I worked my way through this classwork! I hope you found it interesting and worth your time. Please contact me at if you would like to go through these practices in more detail with an in-person class, or if you would like a list of articles and books to do further reading on your own.

Tip of the Week
Listen to the Happiness Lab Podcast for more information and tips from Professor Santos.