Community Development Leadership

Rural Fellows giving a boardroom presentation to community leaders

Your community has leaders. Your community has resources. Our Community Leadership Development team has the knowhow to harness the potential in both to make your community thrive.

By working with local leaders, we help you envision, develop and implement plans that kickstart self-sustaining growth and establish economic development programs that lead to greater prosperity. We’re the drop in the bucket—your community is the ripple expanding ever outward.

How Communities Benefit

Each community grows at the pace of its leaders. But leaders can’t simply be swapped in and out like batteries. Effective leaders are unique in their ability to embrace a community’s cultural heritage while welcoming the future. Communities benefit from our programs by not only discovering what it takes to thrive in this fast-paced world, but also by helping its citizens become the leaders who will bring their community’s cultural uniqueness into the future with them.

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